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Peek Machining

Peek Machining is one of the many services that we offer here at 'Vaplas'. If you have been seeking a reliable source for peek machining, then you have come to the right place. Peek (also known as Polyether ether ketone) is a type of colourless thermoplastic, which is often used for engineering. This means it is capable of being repeatedly softened by an increase in temperature. When peek machining you can increase the temperature to help physical change. Before machining the peek must be stress-relieved, by using an annealing process. This helps to decrease the chances of heat generating and forming surface cracks or internal stresses. Furthermore any peek that requires stretching for a long period of time may need extra annealing.

PEEK has extremely low moisture adsorptions, which allows PEEK to work in a more varied range of conditions. PEEK naturally has a higher resistance against abrasion and wear, to enable this machining to be put into use for a longer period of time without need to replacement. Another reason that PEEK is long lasting, is that it is unaffected by permanent contact to hot water or steam. PEEK also has an outstanding chemical resistance.

PEEK Milling _ PEEK Turning _PEEK Routing

PEEK Machining – Sentinel plastics machines custom-made peek parts to out customer's requirements, given samples or their own drawings. The plastic CNC machine shop that we own, supplies exclusively for industrial purpose plastic materials e.g. PEEK. If you have been looking for a reliable peek machining service, then you needn't look anywhere else. We are experts in peek machining and take great pride in the quality that we provide to our clients.

PEEK Machining Material

PEEK Machining Material is well known for being one of the highest performing engineering thermoplastics. PEEK is a shortening of the word polytheretherketone. PEEK offers a strong reliable waster resistance and chemical resistance, and operates well at high temperatures. PEEK is appealing to our customers because it can be used incessantly to 480°F (250°C), but also in hot water or steam without it retaining any permanent loss in its physical properties. PEEK is an extremely high strength substitute for use in a harsh environment. PEEK has many benefits, another of which being that it carries a V-0 flammability rating and exhibits incredibly low smoke and toxic gas emissions when exposed to an open flame, unlike many other machined parts. The FDA has also approved unfilled PEEK, for food contact applications.

Types of PEEK

* Virgin PEEK, this particular type of PEEK has a high thermal mechanical bearing strength, with makes this type of PEEK more stable, it is has a high maximum use temperature to allow this product to withstand harsh conditions.

* Standard PEEK machined parts are manufactured from general purpose Unfilled PEEK isn’t reinforced and offers the maximum elongation and sturdiness of all PEEK grades.

PEEK machining materials are available in a range of colours, which are as follows:

* Light brown (Natural Colour)

* Black

PEEK when in Black, is perfect for instrument parts where aesthetics are an important contender, as well as for seal components where the most important things are ductility and inertness are important. FDA regulations are also compliant with unfilled PEEK grades.

30% Glass Filled PEEK Machining

30% glass filled PEEK parts have an decrease in expansion rate and a growth in flexural modules.

This grade is perfect for structural applications that necessitate improved rigidity or steadiness, strength, especially at temperatures above 300°F (150°C). This glass-filled PEEK is only available a light brown colour.

30% Carbon Filled PEEK Machining

30% carbon filled PEEK parts have an enhanced density strength and stability, and a intensely lower expansion rate. This particular type of PEEK offers designers optimum wear resistance and a high capability in load carrying. This grade of PEEK machinery offers 3½ times greater thermal conductivity than non-reinforced PEEK, dissipating heat from the bearing surface quicker. This grade of Carbon-filled PEEK is only available in black.

A Company that Machines PEEK – Bespoke Machined Parts

PEEK Machined Parts are manufactured in house in CNC controlled machines

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